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Charlene Wan

Marketing Programs Director, SanDisk

Last week Dr. Eli Harari, co-founder, and retired chairman and chief executive officer of SanDisk, was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by the National Science Foundation for his significant contributions towards the development and proliferation of flash memory. The award represents the nation’s highest honor for advancing science and technology by recognizing those who have made lasting contributions that have created a greater understanding of the world and improved the lives of many.

Dr. Harari had a vision of using flash memory to store data in mobile products over 25 years ago and was honored by the National Science Foundation for the impact of his vision on consumer electronics, mobile computing, and enterprise storage. President Barack Obama awarded the medal at a White House ceremony attended by leading dignitaries and other medal laureates.

Today it is my pleasure to welcome a truly extraordinary group of men and women, some of the world’s greatest scientists and researchers, and I’ve got the extraordinary honor of presenting them with our nations highest honor for scientific and technological achievement.

One month after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, Eli Harari came to America from Israel came to study the affects of radiation on electronics in space. The physics he learned as a PhD student at Princeton lead him to co-found SanDisk and eventually to the creation and commercialization of flash storage technology.

Today his technology is in millions of portable electronic devices which our lives would be completely different without. Certainly Malia and Sasha’s lives would be different without them.

The results of the work of the people we honor today have transformed our world.

– President Barack Obama

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