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Charlene Wan

Marketing Programs Director, SanDisk

Interacting With Storage Every Day

It’s fascinating to think about how our relationship with technology is evolving and the impact of smart devices on our day-to-day lives. Recent research indicates that the average person unlocks their smartphone screen 110 times a day and some people check their phone over 900 times in just 12 hours.

We count on these devices in our work, our relationships, and as our way to connect to the world and the things we care about. Today, we are introducing our SanDisk Mobile vision to further examine the impact of storage and embedded systems in these smart devices and to build on our mission to enrich people’s lives with digital storage anytime, anywhere.

Storage plays a critical role in optimizing mobile user experiences.

Innovations in storage systems are leveraged to connect our homes, enable real-time processing of GPS systems in cars and to power the cloud. Ensuring low latency and highly reliable embedded systems are even more important with our constantly increasing expectations of how these smart devices perform and what they deliver.

What’s Next?

The exploding growth of smart devices and digital information are driving big data trends and clearly, a huge demand for storage both in the cloud and on local devices. SanDisk anticipates the average storage per device will almost double by 2017.

*Data based upon SanDisk industry estimates.  Capacity estimate for Laptops, Ultra-thins and PCs excludes Cache Dual Drives.  Capacity estimates for Tablets includes SSDs and embedded NAND flash. * *Infobrief by EMC, with research and analysis by IDC: “The Digital Universe of Opportunities,” April ’14.

We anticipate these digital trends at SanDisk in order to design flash storage solutions that people can trust with their most important applications, files, documents, photos, music, and videos. The next chapter is already being written as we invest in research and development to break through current technology limitations and expand possibilities with storage.

Let’s Talk

This blog will give us a great opportunity to engage in a discussion and for you to share your feedback with us. We invite you to comment and ask questions because we’re really interested in your thoughts about flash storage technology and the impact it’s having on our lives.

So, tell us what you think. How are smart devices changing your life? Have you ever wished you had more storage in your device?

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