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Andrew Vo

Marketing Communications Manager, Client Storage Solutions, SanDisk

Western Digital returned to Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany for the second time this year to show off some of the latest and greatest flash-powered devices that’s driving the IoT revolution. The SanDisk-branded line of SSDs and embedded and removable storage solutions were well represented in platforms such as ruggedized, drop-proof tablets and powerful in-vehicle PCs from Advantech, as well as leading reference design boards from Rasberry Pi, Qualcomm, Nvidia, iWave, Beagle Board, to name a few.

The aim at this year’s show was not only to showcase how flash storage, in embedded, removable or SSD form factor, plays a significant role in performance and design flexibility enablement of edge devices, but also how do these platforms communicate and work together seamlessly in the automotive, industrial IoT, and commercial spaces. These powerful yet mobile products powered by flash provide peace of mind and security to designers and engineers so that they can focus instead on functionality and feature sets that are important to the end user.

Other exhibitors at Embedded World such as ARM, one of the leading suppliers of microprocessor technology, also piggybacked on the IoT revolution train. They announced a Cortex-M-based processor running Trustzone, which is a solution that is going to give developers the tools they need to enhance security in IoT embedded devices. With sensitive information and data streaming across networks through these devices, this is without a doubt becoming a hot topic. Analog Devices also played off the IoT theme and built a smart city demonstration using Lego sets. Using their sensor technology, they showcased how cameras in parking lots and bridges helped alleviate parking and traffic challenges in dense metropolitan areas.

For more information on some of the platforms and SanDisk products featured at Embedded World this year, visit our official Embedded World page to learn more.

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